Special Care

Seniors, youngsters, or infirmed...

Special Care

Seniors, youngsters, or infirmed…
* We do not give injections.

Senior pets take their time and tend to be set in their ways, not much different from us! Providing home care for your senior pets keeps them comfortable and happy.

The new addition to the family may need a little socializing or a bit more exercise than you anticipated. A daily walk or scheduled playtime will help to get them into the family routine.

Pets with special medical needs require someone who is experienced to efficiently and lovingly care for them in your home. Jeanne Crockett is also trained to help you through the end of life process with your pet.

We utilize FEAR FREE methods which means your pet will always be happy to see us!

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Service Areas: New Bern, Derby Park, Greenbrier, River Bend, & Trent Woods.
A small additional charge is added for Taberna, Carolina Colours, Brice's Creek, & James City.
Please refer to our Rates & Policies for more detail.

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Special Care

Seniors, youngsters, or infirmed...