Other Pet Services

Transport, etiquette, supply runs...

Other Pet Services

Transport, etiquette, supply runs…

Please call us at (252) 633-2655 to arrange any of these special pet services.

If you need help getting Smokey or Sam to the Vet or the Groomer, we can be your taxi service to get them where they need to go happily, safely, and securely.

Pet etiquette includes getting your dog to walk comfortably on a leash, your cat to use the litter box exclusively, and your puppy to know when and where to go.

When necessary, your trip gets extended or you’ve left in a hurry, we will make a supply run to be sure that your pet has what it needs while you’re traveling.

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Service Areas: New Bern, Derby Park, Greenbrier, River Bend, & Trent Woods.
A small additional charge is added for Taberna, Carolina Colours, Brice's Creek, & James City.
Please refer to our Rates & Policies for more detail.

We Speak Dog and Cat

We Speak Dog and Cat

There is a trend in my industry for pet sitters who used to care for dogs and cats to streamline their services to cats only. Why is this happening? There are some advantages: easier scheduling, indoor visits, not as physically demanding as walking a dog, weather has...

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2021 Progress Report

2021 Progress Report

When I started my pet sitting business, my dream was to be the “best” pet sitter I could be. I launched my business during the 2009 recession on a shoestring budget. I had no experience running a business, a lifetime of learning about pets, and boatload of hope. I...

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As the owner of Crockett’s Critter Care, I want you to know that you can reach out to me directly with any question, compliment, or concern you have about the care of your pet.

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