Dog Walking

Exercise, potty break, or playtime...

Dog Walking

Exercise, potty break, or playtime…

There is nothing more exhilarating than walking a well-mannered dog on their leash. They strut or stroll along enjoying the outdoors, the scents, the sights and the sounds.

A potty break in the middle of the day is welcome relief for your pup. It means that when you come home you’ll be greeted by a happy dog rather than an accident. Some dogs need a good run after a Frisbee or prefer to retrieve their favorite stick.

Those 30-60 minutes of playtime ensures that your dog will be refreshed and relaxed when you return.

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Service Areas: New Bern, Derby Park, Greenbrier, River Bend, & Trent Woods.
A small additional charge is added for Taberna, Carolina Colours, Brice's Creek, & James City.
Please refer to our Rates & Policies for more detail.

Dog Walking

Exercise, potty break, or playtime...

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