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Dog Walking with Behavior Modification
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Your loveable pup may lack some manners if they enthusiastically jump on you or your guests, pull on their leash, or get an attitude around other dogs.

In addition to walking your pooch for exercise, potty breaks, and mental stimulus Walk & Train sessions include Fear Free better behavior training to address common pet concerns. For the training to be successful, our Walk & Train package typically include 8 sessions, each lasts 30-45 minutes.

Jeanne Crockett is a certified Fear Free Elite professional who has learned to recognize and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Through calming techniques and gentle guidance things like giving medication, trimming nails, and visiting the vet can become hassle-free happy experiences.

These Fear Free techniques work with cats as well as dogs.


Join Loki, Davy, Gale, and their owners in our interactive Walk & Train program, and bring joy to your dog and your home. Get tips on how to walk a reactive dog.


Package & Pricing

Eight 30-min sessions: $360

Eight 45-min sessions: $440

Client in-person updates are the same as the visit price. This gives you an opportunity to learn the skills your pet has acquired so they can be reinforced.

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After only a few weeks of one-on-one training with Jeanne, my 10-year-old Loki has morphed from being a dog I cannot take out in public ANYWHERE to a dog I can happily walk in a park with lots of things that used to cause him to bark like he wanted to kill something and lunge on the leash so bad I could barely hold him back (like kids riding bikes and other dogs walking calmly with their owners, let alone barking dogs or people running!). Jeanne’s lessons have trained not only my dog but also me how to appropriately respond to help Loki to have a positive experience. I never thought I’d walk him in public again. I am so grateful to Jeanne and for her experience and knowledge!
Thressa S.

Jeanne has been coming to train our beagle hound Gale with my 12-year-old son along side. It’s been an rewarding and educational experience. Jeanne is training Gale loose-leash walking, no digging, basic skills such as sit, come when called, not to over-react to people and animals, etc. More importantly, she also helps us understand how to be a responsible dog owner and keep our dog safe. Gale and my son love it.
Telly I.