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Do you have a reactive dog?

dog paw iconDoes your dog:

  • Pull excessively on the leash and yank you off balance when spotting a squirrel, cat, or dog?
  • Go berserk when he hears or sees the mail truck?
  • Turn nuclear when he sees anything moving past your house?
  • Move in constant motion seemingly unable to relax?
  • Whine, bark, or howl excessively?

dog paw iconDo you:

  • Feel embarrassment over what others might think?
  • Shame that you haven’t been a good pet parent?
  • Worry what your dog might do and what could happen to him?
  • Grieve for the activities you are missing out on and wanted to do with your dog when you first got him?

Reactivity is an overreaction to external stimuli that is upsetting your dog. It may be triggered by people, animals, other dogs, noises, movement or any combination of these. It’s a challenge to take them for a walk, have visitors, take them to the vet or enroll them in a dog class.

If you have a dog who is reactive, then you are privileged to have a dog that will teach you more than another dog would have. You are both lucky to have each other. Reactivity is not your fault.  There is hope – through our world-class Reactive Dog Training program, with repeatable proven results.


Reactive Dog Training

Crockett’s Critter Care offers a training program that encompasses understanding triggers, your relationship to your dog, essential life skills, and teaching relaxation and calm. To get there, we will create an environment that removes as much of your dog’s daily stress as possible, teach your dog to behave differently, practice basic fundamentals in quiet places until your dog is familiar with them, improve your handling skills, and use games and play to build your dog’s confidence and enhance the learning process.

We will look at your situation, the needs of you and your dog, and the results that you want.  Our progress will include:

  • Lowering your dog’s arousal and teaching him to relax.
  • Identifying and practicing essential skills (recall, walking on a loose lead) that will help you the most.
  • Bringing joy back into your relationship (games, scent work, maybe a trick or two).

Our Fear Free methods will set you and your dog up for success through consistency, practice, and using the right tools so that you get the results you want and will be able to enjoy a new partnership with your dog.


Our Credentials

Crockett’s Critter Care now provides dog training services – specializing in reactive dogs.  Jeanne Crockett is a Fear Free Elite Certified Professional (veterinary path) and a Fear Free Animal Trainer (knowledge assessed). She is familiar with pets’ emotional and physical well-being, and is adept at handling fearful, anxious, or stressed-out pets. Jeanne is recognized as a Canine Reactivity Specialist by Heartdog Trainers.

Jeanne’s education includes: Chaos to Connection training from the Canine Confidence Academy, The Animal Husbandry Project by the Academy for Dog Trainers, ACE Free Work Studies (ongoing). She actively pursues continued education in pet sitting, dog walking, Fear Free training, and dog training with a special emphasis in reactive dogs. Read more about our credentials and why choose us.

Please see our dog training packages below.  Click the Learn More buttons to go to each page for details to learn how each training works, and select one that suits you and your dog most.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or schedule a FREE Meet & Greet session with us if you are a new customer.


Join Loki, Davy, Gale, and their owners in our interactive Reactive Dog Training program, and bring joy to your dog and your home. Get tips on how to walk a reactive dog.


Reactive Dog Training

1-3 Sessions: $125 each
4-7 Sessions: $115 each
8 Sessions: $100 each

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What Our Customers Say About Our Dog Training

After only a few weeks of one-on-one training with Jeanne, my 10-year-old Loki has morphed from being a dog I cannot take out in public ANYWHERE to a dog I can happily walk in a park with lots of things that used to cause him to bark like he wanted to kill something and lunge on the leash so bad I could barely hold him back (like kids riding bikes and other dogs walking calmly with their owners, let alone barking dogs or people running!). Jeanne’s lessons have trained not only my dog but also me how to appropriately respond to help Loki to have a positive experience. I never thought I’d walk him in public again. I am so grateful to Jeanne and for her experience and knowledge!
Thressa S.

Thank you! We appreciate all of the new skills and insights you gave us. You allowed for us to have a whole new perspective on Misha and how to best handle her. Our family has definitely benefited from your sessions with us.

Melissa D.

Jeanne has been coming to train our beagle hound Gale with my 12-year-old son along side. It’s been a rewarding and educational experience. Jeanne is training Gale loose-leash walking, no digging, basic skills such as sit, come when called, not to over-react to people and animals, etc. More importantly, she also helps us understand how to be a responsible dog owner and keep our dog safe. Gale and my son love it.

Telly I.