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Specializing in Reactive Dog Training

Crockett’s Critter Care now provides dog training services – specializing in reactive dogs.  Jeanne Crockett is a Fear Free Elite Certified Professional (veterinary path) and a Fear Free Animal Trainer (knowledge assessed).  She is familiar with pets’ emotional and physical well-being, and is adept at handling fearful, anxious, or stressed-out pets. Jeanne is recognized as a Canine Reactivity Specialist.  Read more about our credentials and why choose us.

Please see our dog training packages below.  Click the Learn More buttons to go to each page for details to learn how each training works, and select one that suits you and your dog the most.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or schedule a FREE Meet & Greet session with us if you are a new customer.


Reactive Dog Training

Understanding, Transforming, and Fun

A reactive dog is one that overreacts to external stimuli and displays reactivities such as barking and lunging. Reactive dogs are uncomfortable and upset, and they can become a challenge to the dog owners.

This training program encompasses understanding triggers, your relationship with your dog, essential life skills, and teaching relaxation and calm. I will gather information about you and your dog and customize a program that will address both ends of the leash.

Reactive Dog Training

4 – 8 Sessions

$100 / Session

1 – 2 weeks apart preferred

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Service Areas: New Bern, Derby Park, Greenbrier, River Bend, & Trent Woods.
A small additional charge is added for Taberna, Carolina Colours, Brice's Creek, & James City.
Please refer to our Rates & Policies for more detail.

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