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Why Choose Us

Crockett’s Critter Care is the premier pet sitting and dog walking service in New Bern.  At Crockett’s Critter Care, we appreciate pets every day of the year.  Our team is committed to displaying integrity when working with clients, intelligence and affection when caring for the pets, and positive energy in all transactions with people and their animals.

It is our mission to deliver professional pet care that equals or excels the pet owner’s using fear free methods to ensure a pleasant experience on every visit.  We understand the importance of caring for each pet’s physical and emotional well-being, and we expect all animals to be respected and treated kindly.

At Crockett’s Critter Care we are more than people who love animals. We are trained to lovingly care for them so you come home to a relaxed and happy pet. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Our Team

We have a team of employees to care for and love your pets. They are trained in fear-free methods, experienced, and reliable. Each member has passed a rigorous interview process, criminal background and reference checks, and receives ongoing training. We are bonded and insured.

Our team business model is ideal for our clients and their pets. One or more employees may be trained on each household to ensure better coverage for you and more company for your pet. We send pictures and reports at every visit for your peace of mind. We care about the physical and emotional well-being of your pet and the privacy and security of your home.

We are experienced and professional. Crockett’s Critter Care was established in 2009 and has received over 1,000 happy reviews for our services. We follow the best business practices in our industry and we never stop learning.


Fear Free Elite Certified

Fear Free Elite Certified Professionals are a cut above the rest when it comes to caring for your best friend. Jeanne has continued her Fear Free journey to include 35 hours of additional, related courses and meets annual educational requirements each year. Jeanne has been a Fear Free professional since 2017.

She and her team place your pet’s health and well-being ahead of “just getting the job done.” We are trained to handle fearful, anxious, or stressed-out pets and know how to keep their stress to a minimum while in our care. When you simply want the best care possible for your four-legged friend, Crockett’s Critter Care is here to help.

Fear Free Elite Logo

Your pets will be happy to have us visit because:

  • We give treats (if appropriate).
  • Provide support if your pet experiences anxiety.
  • Offer enrichment to your pet through games, walks and talks.
  • We space our visits so your pet has appropriate time to go out.
  • We keep your pet safe from other animals, people or children.
  • We greet pets respectfully and safely with a calm and gentle approach.
  • We give lots of treats! (Did I say that already?)


Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer

This program is a wonderful complement to the FEAR FREE ELITE Certification. It is designed to give qualified animal trainers the knowledge and tools to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve an animal’s well-being during veterinary and home care. Jeanne can help your pets be more at ease with veterinary appointments so they can get the care they need. She can also help a pet owner become comfortable with procedures that they can do at home.


Animal Centered Education (ACE) Free Work

ACE Free Work is changing the lives of dogs around the world.  This unique approach, founded by Sarah Fisher of Tilley Farm, is a rewarding way of supporting dogs of all ages. It provides enrichment, builds confidence, and helps dogs cope with the spooky, scary things in their world.  It’s a fun, safe, and calming activity that helps us identify each dogs’ preferences, and mental and emotional needs.

While you may initially think your dog is having a blast sniffing, finding, and eating treats from an imaginative setup of stations – it is more!  While it’s entertainment and enrichment for them, it is observation and understanding for us.  It presents us with an opportunity to learn and discover patterns, posture, movement, balance, connections, and flexibility.

Dogs are constantly teaching us something.  Find out what your dog is saying.  I am honored to be accepted into the ACE program and can’t wait to share it with you.


Pet Sitters International (PSI)

In 2009, Jeanne joined Pet Sitters International (PSI), the leading educational association for professional pet sitters. PSI offers a community to like-minded professional pet-care owners, business tools and educational resources, the certification process for professional pet sitters, an annual Pet Sitters Conference, Pet Sitter’s World Magazine, and discounts on group-rate insurance and background checks. PSI has supported Jeanne’s business growth and success every step of the way. When Jeanne started, she simply wanted to be the best. PSI showed her how to reach her goals. In fact, Jeanne was awarded their highest honor in 2020 by being named PSI’s Pet Sitter of the Year.

PSI Pet Sitters International Member


Pet Sitter of The Year

In 2019, Jeanne Crockett was named the Pet Sitter of The Year for 2020. This is the professional pet-sitting industry’s highest honor, and Jeanne would represent the industry throughout 2020.

Read more on PSI’s website: Pet Sitters International names 2020 Pet Sitter of the Year™.


Canine Reactivity Specialist


Chaos To Connection and Reframing Reactivity Program

Jeanne Crockett completed the Chaos to Connection training from the Canine Confidence Academy which is globally recognized and sought after by dog trainers for their reactive dog program.  This evolved into Reframing Reactivity Program offered by Heart Dog Training Academy.

Canine Confidence Club


Animal Husbandry Project

Jeanne Crockett participated in the Animal Husbandry Project by the Academy for Dog Trainers to train dogs to be relaxed and cooperative during routine veterinary procedures with the local veterinarian’s permission to practice Happy Visits at his clinic with her dog, Davy.



  • The Heart Dog Trainers Community
  • Canine Confidence Community
  • Fear Free Certified Professionals
  • Pet Sitters International

At Crockett’s Critter Care, we actively pursue continued education in pet sitting, dog walking, Fear Free training, and dog training with a special emphasis on reactive dogs. We tirelessly work to provide the next level of care and training for every pet that comes to us.  Contact us today for your pet sitting needs.


Service Areas: New Bern, Derby Park, Greenbrier, River Bend, & Trent Woods.
A small additional charge is added for Taberna, Carolina Colours, Brice's Creek, & James City.
Please refer to our Rates & Policies for more detail.

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