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After only a few weeks of one-on-one training with Jeanne, my 10-year-old Loki has morphed from being a dog I cannot take out in public ANYWHERE to a dog I can happily walk in a park with lots of things that used to cause him to bark like he wanted to kill something and lunge on the leash so bad I could barely hold him back (like kids riding bikes and other dogs walking calmly with their owners, let alone barking dogs or people running!). Jeanne’s lessons have trained not only my dog but also me how to appropriately respond to help Loki to have a positive experience. I never thought I’d walk him in public again. I am so grateful to Jeanne and for her experience and knowledge!
Thressa S.

Jeanne and her crew of critter caretakers make leaving my pet behind much easier. They give me peace of mind knowing my furry friend is in good hands with the photos and updates I get during my time away. They are professional, diligent, and most importantly, loving toward my pet as if it was their own. Overall, some of the best pet care I have received.
Molly C.

When I need trusted pet care services, I turn to Crockett Critter Care. I know they will treat my dogs like family. It is obvious that they love animals and love what they do.
Melissa J.

Jeanne is the only one we contact when we want a pet sitter. Garry and I love her and so do our three cats!
Cathy B.

I used to dread leaving home for any length of time since I worried about all my animals. Jeanne has taken care of them (dogs, cats, chickens) for almost eight years and lifted that anxiety so I am able to focus on my travels.
Julie L.

We are so thrilled and thankful to have found Crockett’s Critter Care for our dogs. Their team members have all been incredibly friendly, helpful with supporting the training we are doing for our puppy’s learning to nicely walk on a leash, and professional. We feel comfortable with their team coming into our home, and can easily tailor the services we need. We love the updates we receive after each visit, and could not be happier having Jeanne Crockett and her team care for our dogs!
Dana S.

I have absolutely been pleased with the excellent care that my pets have received while I have been away from home.

Iris O.

I can always tell after Jeanne or someone from Crockett’s Critter care, has visited because my dogs are happy and try to talk to me to tell me how much fun they have had. I love the photos they send, especially if I am out of town. The love she has for animals is amazing! Highly recommended!
Lovay S.

Our dogs have been receiving walks from Crockett’s Critter Care staff for almost a year and they are always reliable, friendly, and put our pets needs first. We know our dogs are in good hands!

Sarah P.

We’ve been using Crockett’s Critter Care Service since we moved here from Dallas, Texas 2 years ago. The service has been professional, flexible and just overall excellent!
Jim and Colette E

Jeanne Crockett has been caring for our cat, Grover, for several years, and we could not be more delighted with her service. She spends time with Grover, brushes him, plays with him, and sends pictures when we are away. WE know she will be responsible, dependable, and loving to our elderly cat.
Mary B.

I want to just say that Jeanne is the best there is! I was very worried about leaving my two older cats (one that needs medication twice a day) for a week. Jeanne put my worries to rest and I had a great trip knowing my fur babies were taken care of. I love that she updates you on each visit and sends pictures. I will forever be grateful for your kindness to my cats and the reassurance you gave me. I highly recommend Jeanne and her company and will definitely be using her again for all my worry free trips!
Christie H.

Jeanne has watched my dogs for going four years now and I would never ever use anyone else! She cares for my dogs just as much as I do and gives me lots of good advice for them. She is very experienced and like I said, I wouldn’t use anyone else!
Misty P.

I had Crockett’s Care for my Dog Reagan after I had hip replacement. Reagan loved the caregivers who came to walk her because they’re pet lovers and she looked forward every day for their visit. Reagan does not go off with anyone so that says a lot about how great they were.
Connie B.

Everyone loves our old Carolina Dog, Dexter, but the staff at Crockett’s Critter Care really show it! They take great care to see that Dexter is comfortable with each of his walkers, and they know how much exercise is enough and not too much for him. Great people and great service!
Heidi L.

Crocket Critter Care walked Zoey, with each step was tender loving care that brought her joy and comfort. A companion’s companion.
Tom L.

Jeanne has provided wonderful care for our pets following our move to New Bern nearly 3 years ago. She & her associates are professional, timely & very respectful to the needs of our pets. Even if you have a pet requiring daily medication (or twice daily, in our case), Jeanne & company are there for you. You will not be disappointed with Crockett’s Critter Care!
Jeffrey W.

Happiness Notes from TIME TO PET:

❤️ Grateful to have a dedicated and kind team for our geriatric dog!

❤️ Absolutely love these guys! Everyone is absolutely amazing. They care for your pets as if they were their own.

❤️ Love the attention shown to my kitties, thanks.

❤️ The girls look great. So glad they’re at home. Thanks for your attention to them!

❤️ Thank you for taking such good care of our pups!

❤️ So lucky to have Crockett’s Critters taking care of my fur babies.️

❤️ Best pet sitter in the world!

❤️ Absolutely love the personal attention.

❤️ Thank you for providing pictures and feedback. I am missing them all.

❤️ Thank you Crockett’s Critter Care for loving on our fur babies.

❤️ Thanks for the updates. They really put me at ease knowing my fur babies are safe and sound.