Guardianship Form

Plan for your pets in case of emergency.

Guardianship Form

You love your pets and you want to be sure that they are always well cared for.  Sometimes illness or a family emergency means letting someone else step in for you.  By completing the Pet Guardianship Form for each of your pets and preparing their comfort kit, you can be confident that they will get the care they need. (Read more about emergency planning for your pet.)

You should have a guardianship form naming a specific person who has agreed to care for your pet if you are no longer able to do so. The form should list the friend, neighbor, relative, or a professional care giver who can take responsibility for your pet on a temporary basis as well as the long term plan for your pet’s care. You can download the guardianship form here and then fill it out for each of your pets. Also, consider the financial burden that comes with pet care and make arrangements to support your pet’s temporary living arrangement.

Remember, confirm that the person you name as the guardian for your pet(s) has agreed to be responsible for them and that they are willing and able to provide the proper care.