When I started my pet sitting business, my dream was to be the “best” pet sitter I could be. I launched my business during the 2009 recession on a shoestring budget. I had no experience running a business, a lifetime of learning about pets, and boatload of hope. I prepared for each step before I took it. I set goals, met them, and set more. I paid attention to the details and expanded my dreams as I leveled-up. I became a Certified Professional Pet Sitter, Fear Free Elite professional, and am constantly furthering my education. My efforts were noticed by my industry, and I was honored to be named 2020 pet sitter of the year by Pet Sitters International.

I never thought I’d have my own business. I wanted to work with pets and started a business to do that. I saw the need in my community to offer a quality pet sitting and dog walking service, and I fulfilled that need. I did this the old-fashioned way. I built my business slowly and steadily with ethics and high standards following the best practices in my industry. I added credentials and continued learning along the way as Crockett’s Critter Care grew from a one-person operation to a service with a team of employees. My trained staff carries on my standards of providing excellent care.

I hire carefully. I find the right candidates to nurture into great employees. My efforts have been validated by my client’s confidence, trust, and loyalty. I support this with systems that allow us to send pictures and visit reports for each pet visit. Clients see their dog playing, their cat coming out from under the bed, and the attention that we give to our clients’ instructions. In turn, our clients have responded with over 1,000 happy visit reviews. The Crockett’s Critter Care team is grateful for our clients and their positive feedback. I never imagined that my dream would carry me here. I stand strong and confident in this space. I marvel at the doors that have opened-up for me and the winding path that takes me to new thresholds and beyond.

Happy Pet! Happy Home!

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