I have cared for a lot of pets since I started my business. Some are no longer with us. I know that’s part of the circle of life, but what surprises me is the sadness that never lessens. You would think that after the first one, it would get easier. Yet with each subsequent loss, the familiar sadness returns. Some pets have been in our care for over ten years and have lived a long and full life. A few have gone too soon. All were loved by their family and lived a good life.

There have several times when I’ve rushed a pet to the veterinarian or the emergency clinic. Our staff is trained to look for and report to me immediately if anything is off. One cat was limp after being bitten by a spider, a dog was in pain with an undiagnosed UTI, another had an uncomfortable flare up of pancreatitis. We know our actions have saved lives. These health issues are critical, and we stop whatever we are doing on our busy schedule to see that these pets get the care they need.

My team and I have a special relationship with our clients’ pets. Whether we know them from dog walking, pet sitting, or training – they have captured a piece of our heart.

Happy Pet! Happy Home!

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