Thank you for spending 2021 with us. We hope this year was a good year for you and that you approach 2022 with excitement and wonder about what lies ahead. I am happy to report that 2021 picked up momentum as the year unfolded. Our loyal clients returned, new clients are booking requests at a steady pace, we have added a new service (reactive dog training), and we are thrilled to continue to do what we love.

A lot of considerations come with running a small business. Are we doing our job better than anyone else? Is my staff happy and adequately trained? Are they being paid a decent wage? Am I being responsible with expenses? Am I delegating too much or not enough? I analyze every aspect of running a business: staffing, training, financials, scheduling, invoicing, and make adjustments to keep operations running smoothly. I used to believe I would reach a point where things would hum along. Did I miss it, is it just around the corner, will I know it when I am there?

What I do know, is that I am exactly where I need to be. Through my experience with Davy, my GSD, I discovered an area in our community that wasn’t being served – reactive dog training. These dogs have struggles and so do their owners. Working with reactivity is different than training for basic skills. It wasn’t until I studied reactive dog training for Davy that I realized how valuable this training would be for others who have reactive dogs like him.

My four-year Fear Free Elite training and subsequent studies from world leaders in the field of reactivity have honed my skills to offer a special, game changing eight-week program. From my initial results this year, I know this program can help both ends of the leash and build an unbreakable bond in your partnership.

I love learning, teaching, and being an entrepreneur. I enjoy working with pets and my team, and have a strong curiosity to learn and do more. My vision is to intertwine training with my pet-sitting and dog-walking services when applicable to do so. I have two areas of training: 1) walk and train and 2) reactive dog training. The first deals with what we encounter when walking dogs including, standing still while being leashed, not jumping up on us, walking calmly on a loose leash, and mastering the art of drop it/leave it/trade up. Reactive dog training is a highly specialized field for this community of pets and pet parents. In all of our training we use Fear Free methods to ensure a pleasurable experience for all involved. Contact us to inquire about our next session.

Happy Pet! Happy Home!

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