Life Changing First Dog

Maxi is a star in my neighborhood.  He is a hound of uncertain registry. His owner, Fiona, dotes on him and takes him for walks all over the county.  I know him well. He bays when he sees me and trots over for some treats. Ginger, my hound, is quite smitten with him.  We occasionally join them on walks.

Maxi came into Fiona’s life about twelve years ago when a co-worker asked her if she was still thinking of getting a dog.  She replied with an enthusiastic, “Yes”.  The co-worker then asked if she was interested in a puppy – to which she emphatically answered, “No”.  This small, pathetic looking puppy arrived at the office the next day and stole Fiona’s heart and changed her life. 

On their first day together in Maxi’s new home, they made a special trip to PetSmart where it was discovered that Maxi loved balls.  He chose a little green one and proceeded to carry it everywhere he went.  Over the years his ball collection grew as he found more balls on his trip to the park.  In fact, Fiona’s car is full of balls because Maxi’s philosophy is that every stray ball needs a home with him. 

Maxi is Fiona’s first dog.  It is amazing to me to see the joyful bond between them. True to his “hound” nature, he is a “good dog ambassador” to all of the children in the neighborhood who can’t resist giving him a pat on the head during his daily walk.  He has made a long and successful journey from his pathetic puppy beginning to a charming happy hound.  Woof woof!

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